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Yacht Charter Split

Split is beyond doubt the central point of Dalmatia region and the heart of sailing vacations in Croatia. Croatia’s second-largest city, Split is a perfect location to see Dalmatian life as it’s lived. Always buzzing, Split has just the right balance between modernity and tradition. Split is well known for the Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979 and one of the world’s most impressive Roman monuments. You will find lots of bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants and shops within the stunning old walls. A walk through the ancient city will take you through time.

Yacht Charter Split – exceptional sailing itinerary

Due to its location, yacht charter in Split gives you lots of freedom to plan exceptional sailing itinerary. Sailing in Split area is easy, which makes it perfect for beginners. However, during high season (July and August) it can be very crowded in marinas and ports so you should consider booking a berth in advance. Split region can thank its popularity since it has the largest offer of yachts for charter in Croatia, but also outside the borders.

Ultra Europe Festival

Split is also a spot for excellent gourmet and vine experiences, many cultural happenings like film and theater festivals, excellent museums and concerts, exhibitions, a city which offers diverse modes of entertainment starting with numerous bars and clubs, through street festivals to events such as Ultra Europe Festival visited each year by up to 100 thousand people from all around the world.

We can tell you that Split will charm you with its rich history, busy life, mild Mediterranean climate, delicious seafood cuisine, beautiful mountain views and beaches. The Split sailing region offers enormous historical and natural beauties. Whether you’re keen on exploring centuries-old coastline towns or you’re more interested in an exciting island hopping, Split is a great starting point for your sailing vacation.