1. What is Yacht Charter Management?

Yacht Charter Management (YCM) is a business agreement between charter company and yacht owner where yacht owner authorizes charter company for selling onboard accommodation and all for all other operations related, together with daily service and winter maintenance.

2. Advantages of Yacht Charter Management

This way You get the chance to become the owner of a brand new or used yacht and earn profit at the same time. If You already own a boat and don’t have time to take care of it, yacht charter management is perfect program for You, because we will do all the work for You.

3. Procedure for entering Yacht Charter Management program

Yacht model – if You are not already an owner of the boat, we can assist when choosing a yacht to buy. We know exact situation on the nautical market and You can be sure we will find the best profitable model for You.
Financing – after choosing the model of the yacht, You need to select financing model. If You don’t have the capital to cover the purchase, usual model is leasing company or bank loan. Either way, we can recommend reliable partners with the best conditions.
Delivery of the yacht – we can prepare all the necessary documentation for import and organize delivery of the yacht to Croatia for You.
Registering a company – Your next step is registering a company in Croatia for onboard accommodation. It is a simple process and it doesn’t take long. Registration fees are cca 1000 euro + 2500 euro of start capital on company’s bank account which is used in business later.
Final step – contract between yacht owner and charter company is being notarized and business can start.

4. You already own a boat?

As a boat owner, You just need to sign Yacht Charter Management contract and transfer the power of attorney together with boat documentation to the charter company.
Necessary boat documentation:

Registration certificate
Certificate of the yacht ability for navigation (Croatian Register of Shipping)
Marine Radio license (VHF)
Signed annual berth contract in the marina
Insurance policy
Life raft certificate

5. Yacht owner’s expenses

Getting all the permits and licenses (we can all do it for You for small extra fee)
Annual berth in the marina
Insurance policy
Spare parts for those which are used out and couldn’t be repaired
Winter maintenance and repairs
Good thing is that all expenses can be covered through booking income.

6. Charter company’s expenses

Agent’s commission (15%-20%)
Administrative costs
Office, reception and storage rooms rent fees
Staff salaries
Maintenance of the central booking system
Advertising in marketing campaigns and worldwide charter fairs
Underwater hull inspection every Friday as part of check-out procedure
Outside and inside cleaning of the yacht before every charter
Gas and fuel refill for every booked charter

7. What if the yacht gets damaged?

Damage repair costs are covered by the insurance policy or, if it’s a client’s fault, by the damage deposit taken from the client at the beginning of the charter. All the repairs are done by charter company or third party depending on the nature of the damage. Owner doesn’t have any worries, except for the expenses for parts which fail and cannot be repaired due to old age or long use.


Waypoint is one of the first charter companies on the Adriatic. During all these years from the beginning of the nautical tourism in Croatia, many companies opened and very soon, closed their business. Waypoint remained stable and successful company for more than 20 years. Every year we have new boats joining our fleet because people have recognized our successful business strategy.