About Waypoint Charter Croatia

Waypoint Charter is a family story of Damir Čargo and Gordana Zavoreo. Damir, a sailor from head to toe, is related personally and professionally to the sea and boats, ever since he was a boy. He experienced his first maneuvers, south and north winds as a 10-year-old boy in the Optimist class. He continued his sports career in the Olympic classes, in which he defended the colors of the national team for several consecutive years. A logical sequence for this sea-enthusiast was to become a skipper for the first yacht-charter companies, which in the late eighties appeared on the Adriatic.

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As early as 1990, he began to represent the Greek-French yacht charter firm Kavos, as a base manager in Trogir. His wife Gordana joined him there and for the next 4 years they ran the company Kavos, which in the meantime was bought by The Moorings. They represented the Moorings company in France for 3 years and there they opened the company’s bases in Antibes, Nice and Corsica.

This useful experience, followed by desire to return home to the Adriatic, encouraged them to set up their own yacht-charter company in Croatia. And so, in 1994 Waypoint was established, with only 3 sailing boats in Rovinj in the north of the Adriatic… Parts of the southern Adriatic were still under occupation, but as soon as Croatia freed all its coasts, Waypoint opened its base in Trogir. In the following years, attempts were made to open bases in Zadar, Pula and Dubrovnik while today Waypoint has its bases in Trogir, Dubrovnik and Seget.
After tens of years of hard work in building this fleet, Damir now has a bit of time for himself and his passion for sporting sailing, so today he competes in several offshore regattas on his Pogo class 40 as a solo or double-handed sailor.

Waypoint - Yacht Charter Croatia - Price List


Damir and Gordana, conceptual beginners and founders of Waypoint charter, have been constantly involved in the management of this charter, creating its  business guidelines, but also giving the employers of Waypoint their advices and suggestions on daily basis.

Waypoint Management - Damir Cargo

Damir Čargo
e-mail: dcargo@waypoint.hr
40+ years of experience in charter management
languages: English, French, Italian, Croatian

Waypoint Management - Gordana Zavoreo

Gordana Zavoreo, mag. cin.
executive director
e-mail: gzavoreo@waypoint.hr
30+ years of experience in charter business
languages: English, French, Italian, Croatian

Waypoint Management - Josipa Radic

Josipa Radić, mag. ing. admin. nav.
e-mail: josipa@waypoint.hr
10+ years of experience in charter business
languages: English, Croatian

Booking department

Waypoint booking department is in charge of daily communication with agents, requests, reservations, documents for clients, information and service needed before and during charter, booking reports, planning revenue and discounts.
Further tasks of our booking department include direct contact with clients at the bases Trogir and Dubrovnik during the summer, not only due to higher volume of work during the high season but also to achieve and maintain the more personal approach with our guests.

Tea Vuletić, mag. oec.,
e-mail: booking@waypoint.hr
10 years of experience in nautical tourism
company affiliation: since 2019
languages: English, Italian, Croatian

Waypoint Booking - Vesna Krstic

Vesna Krstić, mag. oec., management in nautical tourism
e-mail: booking@waypoint.hr
6 years of experience in nautical tourism,
4 years in charter
languages: English, German, Italian, Croatian

IT department

The Waypoint’s IT department main task is working on maintaining and upgrading the several web pages and social media connections as well as the development and implementation of advanced and innovative techonologies to be used for expanding our charter market. Maintaining good SE positions is an evergoing task and we’re utilizing both selfdeveloped and external applications for maximum effect. IT department is also in charge of all of the promotional materials and visuals, always coming up with new ideas to transpose Waypoint’s “Mission: Sailing!” philosophy to our guests.

Accounting department

Waypoint has internal accounting which prepares a variety of financial reports, financial statements for planning and decision making, advises on tax laws and investment opportunities and takes care that all company activities comply with accounting and legal requirements. Analysis and reporting are key duties of accounting department. With regular education we are familiar with all news and legal changes.

Waypoint Accounting - Anita Barun

Anita Barun, dipl. oec.
accounting manager
e-mail: anita.barun@waypoint.hr
graduated in Faculty of Economics in Zagreb
20+ years of work experience in accounting
company affiliation: since 2010
languages: English, Croatian

Waypoint Accounting - Anita Komic

Anita Komić, mag. oec.
e-mail: accounting@waypoint.hr
graduated in Faculty of Economics in Split and spent one semester in Siena, Italy (University of Siena – Department of Economics and statistics)
4 years of work experience in accounting
languages: English, Italian, Croatian

Services and maintenance

Maintenance and servicing of boats is a very important part of charter operations, which is why Waypoint technicians are extremely professional, experienced and fully committed to maintaining the fleet in excellent condition and according to the most demanding professional standards.
In addition to winter maintenance, our technicians also take care of seasonal maintenance which includes a regular maintenance, unforeseen faults and interventions. Also, we provide a full service of equipping new boats and a complete preparation for navigation.
During the season, our technicians pay close attention to check-in procedures to ensure that a boat is handed properly to a client and are available to clients 24/7, whether for advice or guidance during navigation or for interventions in a case of major breakdowns. In order to respond promptly to customers’ needs at any moment, we use our own speed boat which. The speed boat is located on the island of Hvar during the season, from where is possible to reach many locations as quickly as possible. We also have a large warehouse with lots of spare parts and equipment, so we do not waste time if something is urgently needed.

Neven Majić, mag. ing. admin. nav.
Trogir base manager
e-mail: trogir@waypoint.hr
company affiliation since 2020
supported by 8 technical employees
responsible for maintenance and
check-ins and check-outs of boats
languages: English, Croatian

  Waypoint Base Trogir

Base Trogir

ACI MARINA TROGIR: 43°30, 8’ N, 16°15, 2’ E • Put Čumbrijana bb, 21220 Trogir, Croatia
Tel.: +385 (0)21 88 56 29 • Fax: +385 (0)21 79 62 14 • Mob: +385 (0)91 38 15 671

Mira Munjiza & Katarina Barun
booking assistant & customer service
e-mail: trogir@waypoint.hr
responsible for organizational, administrational process and booking requests
languages: English, Croatian

Tina Lučić
cleaning and supply management

Waypoint Base Dubrovnik

Base Dubrovnik

ACI MARINA DUBROVNIK: 42°40,3’ N, 18°07,6’ E • Na skali 4, 20236 Mokošica, Croatia
Tel.: +385 (0)20 45 50 85, Fax: +385 (0)20 45 50 854

Waypoint Base Dubrovnik - Vedran Milutinovic

Vedran Milutinović, bacc. oec.
base manager
languages: English, Russian, Italian, Croatian

Waypoint Base Dubrovnik - Ivana Katic

Ivana Katić
booking assistant &
customer service
e-mail: dubrovnik@waypoint.hr
responsible for organizational, administrational process and booking requests
languages: English, Italian, Croatian