Sailing Routes

Sailing Route #7: One Way from Trogir to Dubrovnik – One-way pleasure: wine, please!

Day 1: Trogir, 0 NM

This one-way route from Trogir to Dubrovnik is probably the most desirable cruising route in the Croatian Adriatic, but instead of visiting most popular places along the way (which are also mentioned), it offers stopovers in less crowded and equally or even more magnificent places.

After embarkation late in the afternoon, relax on board in marina and prepare for the evening stroll in the town centre, located on a small island just a short walk away. You will discover stunning town of Trogir and its ancient, stone-built medieval centre, wonderfully preserved and protected as an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Town inhabitants are proud of 2300 years of continuous urban tradition; hence, it is in fact the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic town in Central Europe. Its narrow-cobbled streets arranged like a labyrinth hide many imposing cultural and historical buildings and monuments, including castles, towers, dwellings and palaces dating back to several centuries in history. You will also find numerous bars and restaurants, souvenir shops or art galleries.

Day 2: Trogir – Šešula bay, Šolta island, 9 NM

As soon as you sail out of Trogir and leave the contours of the shipyard behind the stern, suddenly you will find yourself in astonishing archipelago consisting of several larger islands and numerous tiny islets. Intact beauty of nature, serenity of villages, crystal clear sea water in the bays and much more are waiting for you to discover them.
Although final destination is only 9 nautical miles from Trogir, stop in one of the most beautiful Dalmatian bays, Krknjaši on Drvenik Veli island, drop the anchor and surrender yourself to the pure pleasure of sun and sea. After you have adjusted to the life on board, proceed for a few more miles passing by picturesque Maslinica village to reach Šešula, deeply in Šolta island recessed bay. It is a safe anchorage but you can also tie to a buoy and visit one of few nice restaurants.

If you prefer even more calm and wild place, less than 4 nautical miles from Šešula is Tatinja bay, another magical spot perfect for anchoring. Just a half of mile further is quite little cove Jorja, while both Tatinja and Jorja have cosy taverns. Additional 4 miles of navigation will take you to two more anchorages, Straćinska and Vela Travna bays. All of them are open to the southern winds so be aware of weather forecast.

Day 3: Šešula, Šolta – Sveta Nedjelja, Hvar island, 24 NM

The next day planned route requires moderate 24 nautical miles of navigation, but those who are looking for fun and would like to visit the most renowned holiday and party spot in Croatia, should stop after just 16 miles in Hvar town, on the southern coast of the island of same name. In fact, berth in tight Hvar harbour is very difficult to get, hence, safe mooring can be found in nearby ACI marina Palmižana. It is located just two miles from Hvar town on Pakleni islands and well connected with taxi boats.

On the other hand, those who search tranquillity and tiny, picturesque villages should continue sailing for additional 8 miles to another Hvar pearl, Sveta Nedjelja village. Situated under steep slopes of southern Hvar coast, where spectacular vineyards of well-known variety of Plavac grape are located, Sveta Nedjelja is a real rejuvenation and relaxation oasis.

If you have time and vigour, climb up the hill among these exceptional vineyards, visit the cave with small monastery or even the highest peak of Hvar, St. Nicholas at the height of 628 meters. Safe berthing is provided in small marina Bilo Idro which also includes great restaurant with fresh seafood and own, fantastic wines under Zlatan brand. There is even a unique underwater wine-cellar!

Day 4: Sveta Nedjelja, Hvar Island – Orebić, Pelješac peninsula, 28 NM

After you bought a few bottles of excellent Plavac wine, it is time to move on and head to another renowned wine destination, Orebić town located on Pelješac peninsula, 28 nautical miles away. On the way there are several amazing spots worth visiting for a stopover and refreshing in the sea. First one is Šćedro island, just a few miles from Sveta Nedjelja, where, in neighbouring Lovišće or Manastir coves on the northern coast you should pull over for an hour or two.

In these coves there are even several nice taverns in case if you should need a brunch, but if it is too early for a major meal, don’t worry, there are at least another two bays on the route where you can take a pause for lunch and swimming. One is well-protected Lovište bay with its Luka cove on the westernmost part of Pelješac peninsula, with several restaurants and its own buoys, while another is magical Duba cove just 3 miles ahead, hidden gem with a lovely tavern.

Later along the way you will pass by marvellous historical town of Korčula, where you can catch a berth only if you booked it in ACI marina on time, but let this time your overnight stay be in less than 2 nautical miles distant Orebić. This small town has its own harbour with a dozen of moorings for boaters, but also an interesting maritime museum where you can discover its rich history of captains and their famous sailing ships dating back to 19th century. Orebić is as well destination for wine lovers, given that nearby vineyards on steep slopes of Pelješac grow excellent grapevine. You can also visit Korčula town in the evening using regular passenger boat line.

Day 5: Orebić – Prožura or Okuklje, Mljet island, 26 NM

Your next stop is again on the island, more specifically on Mljet, which is famous for the National Park encompassing about a third of the whole island surface. To visit National Park Mljet and its emerald lakes you should moor or drop the anchor in Pomena or Polače bays, on the western part of the island. Another route from Dubrovnik published on this website contains more details about it.

In this particular one-way route, it is scheduled to visit one of two neighbouring bays, magnificent Prožura and Okuklje with it small settlements, located on the north coast of the eastern part of Mljet. Both are very-well protected from all winds except stronger bura (NW), during which it is better to choose Okuklje because its bay is more recessed into the island. If you want to make a pause during the navigation, there are only few opportunities on the way for anchoring: coves around Žuljana bay on Pelješac, or seductive archipelago of four lovely islets right opposite on Mljet, ahead of Polače bay.

Almost no other bays there are until Sobra, which is vast but not very attractive, so it is much smarter to continue to nearby Prožura, hidden by two islets. But be careful when approaching the bay due to several underwater rocks, while Okuklje is much simpler to enter although there are some rocks as well. Both bays are very favourable for anchoring, but there are buoys or even several berths in front of the several taverns.

Day 6: Prožura or Okuklje – Kobaš or Jakljan island, 8 NM

Only 8 nautical miles are from Prožura or Okuklje to your next destination, Kobaš village, located on Pelješac peninsula. After passing Olipa islet you will enter beautiful and well-protected archipelago of Elafiti islands. and then you should head towards north-west for just 2 miles through Ston channel. Numerous alluring coves and anchorages are in the area, so wherever you decide to stop, you won’t go wrong.

Kobaš was until recently quite isolated tiny village accessible only by boat, so it managed to keep authentic and intimate atmosphere. Nowadays there are two or even three excellent restaurants which offer fantastic seafood and their own berths for boats. If you are enough of restaurants and you just want calm and wild bay for the last overnight at the anchor, Jakljan island with its Veli Jakljan bay is a perfect spot. It is only 2 miles remote from Olipa as well.

In case you would like more urban and a bit buzzy settlement for your last night on board, choose vast bay of Slano and moor in ACI marina or at the waterfront. There is even another possibility in the area for safe overnight stay, Luka Šipanska on Šipan island. To reach this natural harbour, after passing Olipa head to south-east direction for less than 4 nautical miles. Enjoy typical relaxed Mediterranean village and visit one of many nice taverns there as well.

Day 7: Kobaš or Jakljan – ACI marina Dubrovnik, 20 NM

For the last day of this wonderful cruise only 20 nautical miles is left to ACI marina Dubrovnik, where you can arrive in the late afternoon since safe berth awaits your boat for sure. This means you have the whole day to discover and visit countless enchanting coves, picturesque villages and other gorgeous spots in Elafiti archipelago but also on the coastline. As a hint, there is a famous sandy beach on Lopud island called Šunj, or Blue cave on Koločep island…

When you moor finally in ACI marina Dubrovnik, the South Adriatic cruising adventure is still not finished, but only its seagoing part. The second part consists of the last evening spent in the fascinating old town of Dubrovnik, surrounded by thick and well preserved defensive walls, which hide many more secrets and astounding historical facts.