Sailing Routes

Sailing Route #5: National Parks

Day 1: Trogir, ACI marina, 0 NM

No matter if you have finished embarking and check-in a reasonable time and there is still one hour or two left for navigation, we advise you to stay moored in Trogir and discover this stunning medieval town located on an islet just a few minutes walk from marina. Its well preserved old centre, completely built of stone and located on an islet, is protected as an UNESCO World heritage site.

Furthermore, it has 2300 years of continuous urban tradition and is best preserved Romanesque-Gothic town in Central Europe. Amongst narrow cobbled alleys there are numerous interesting cultural and historical monuments, towers, dwellings and palaces, as well as art galleries, shops, lovely bars and fine taverns. If you prefer to sail away the first evening and spend a night in a calm bay, just 7 nautical miles away there is Drvenik Veli island with homonymous harbour or Vinišće bay, where several berths can be found or you can simply drop the anchor.

Day 2: Trogir – Primošten, 19 NM

On the way to your first destination, Primošten town, you need to cross around 19 nautical miles. About 10 miles from Trogir stop in one of the many wonderful coves for swimming, for example in amazing Stari TrogirSićenica or Borovica coves. Just a few miles further away is vast Rogoznica bay with a settlement of the same name and several mooring options, such as large luxurious marina Frapa, berths at the waterfront, buoys in the bay or safe anchoring possibilities.

Suggestion is to continue for another 5 or 6 miles northwards and reach picturesque town of Primošten. Number of berths there at the waterfront is quite limited, but buoys or anchorage in the bay will serve as well, with surely less buzz from crowds in town. If you prefer completely safe place for a quiet sleep, only 2.5 miles distant is marina Kremik, located in the beautiful bay of Kremik. The bay is home to the wonderful and protected vineyards on a location of Bucavac, which gives the high-quality wine of Babić.
From Kremik short taxi drive will take you to Primošten, hence don’t miss to visit this vivid town and walk through its bustling streets. Located on a small hilly peninsula with a church on the top, it offers a real Mediterranean relaxed atmosphere as well as many bars, restaurants and shops, but also a lot of tourists.

Day 3: Primošten – Skradin, 22 NM

On a third day prepare not to set the sails because you will mostly be navigating through the narrow natural channel to the magnificent town of Skradin. The whole channel is in fact mouth of the river Krka, and the beginning of Sveti Ante channel adorns grandiose fortress of Sveti Nikola. After less than two miles you will be surprised with a panorama of Šibenik town.

You may stop for an hour or two at the Šibenik waterfront to explore narrow cobbled streets of the old town and to see the famous cathedral of Sveti Jakov, protected as UNESCO heritage. After coffee or lunch in one of many taverns at the waterfront, proceed towards Skradin between cliffs and when you reach Prokljan lake you are almost there. Berthing is possible at the waterfront or in ACI marina Skradin, but anchoring is possible as well.

Skradin is magnificent and charming small town, where green water of Krka river mixes with the sea and where natural abundance is extremely rich. It offers charming streets with nice shops, lovely bars and restaurants with fantastic food, all that and even more. If you come early enough definitely visit marvellous National park Krka, or do it next morning before departure.

Day 4: Skradin – Prvić Luka or Zlarin, 12 NM

Return the same way to the Sveti Nikola fortress and for your next stop choose small and green island of Prvić, just across the Šibenik channel. There are two villages on the island, but for safe berthing choose Prvić Luka and its bay on the southern side of the island. There is a large pier with all the nautical port equipment and lot of buoys around the bay.

As a curiosity, there are no motor vehicles on the islands, just small and slow tractors which are rarely on the streets. In Prvić Luka you will find nice restaurants, bars and a market, but you must take a short 20-minute walk to another fishing village, Šepurine. Path to the north-west side of the island leads through ample greenery of the inland. Lovely Šepurine village is characterized by small harbour and a typical Mediterranean atmosphere.

In Prvić Luka you can visit memorial centre of famous Faust Vrančić, great inventor, scientist and philosopher who lived in 15. and 16. century. His most well-known invention is a parachute. If Prvić Luka is crowded with boats less than 2 miles is to Zlarin harbour on the homonymous island, where large number of moorings and buoys are available. Zlarin is beautiful and quiet island as well with nice settlement and pretty rich vegetation, so wandering around is quite a good idea.

Day 5: Prvić Luka – Piškera, Kornati, 21 NM

From Prvić island there are numerous possible sailing destinations in miraculous Kornati archipelago, so it is difficult to decide which direction to point bow to. Suggestion is to enter National park Kornati at Opat, southernmost cape of Veli Kornat island, and reach ACI marina Piškera for the calm overnight stay. For the night you can also drop the anchor in one of countless coves, each more beautiful than the other, tie to a buoy or berth at the private piers of one of many restaurants.

When sailing in Kornati don’t be surprised when a RIB suddenly approaches your boat to charge for National park entrance. More cheap is to buy tickets in advance in some of the marinas and towns on the way, for example in Skradin, or in some tourist office prior entering Kornati. Also, be very careful and check sailing rules valid in the Park since Kornati archipelago is strictly protected, and ranger boats patrol constantly between the islands securing and controlling visitors.

Rangers are also there for other reason, to preserve all the incredible beauty that will amaze you for sure. Although at the first sight it represents quite harsh environment, Kornati archipelago is truly specific and very much alive part of Dalmatia. Don’t let its isolation and rocky landscape scare you, but enjoy its rich natural diversity and unique opulence, as well as crystal-clear sea.

Day 6: Kornati – Borovnjaci anchorage or Kaprije island, 15 NM

Morning of the sixth day of this interesting cruising route spend wandering around Kornati, check the famous cliffs on Rašip Veli and Mali islets or Mana island, have a swim in stunning lagoon between Ravni and Kameni Žakan islets, and then sail not far to the east, to Borovnjaci lagoon or neighbouring Kaprije island, just 1.5 miles further.

If you want to spend the night at the buoy in a calm and quiet anchorage, choose the lagoon between Kakan island and Borovnjak Veli and Mali islets, while for more vivid atmosphere of a Dalmatian village choose well protected Kaprije harbour. There is a pier with several berths but don’t worry if you missed to catch it, there are buoys all around the bay as well. In the village there is a bar, tavern and market, while in the morning you can buy some fish from the local fishermen. In the evening take a short walk to the top of the village on the hill to enjoy the view over the archipelago.

At the safe Borovnjaci anchorage there is a large number of buoys and one or two nice restaurants on the coast of Kakan island. Sea is crystal clear so jumping in the water in the early morning is a must, while sitting in the cockpit in the evening and enjoying a glass of nice wine below billions of stars is surely unforgettable experience.

Day 7: Borovnjaci or Kaprije – Trogir, ACI marina, 31 NM

Last day of your cruising vacation in Šibenik archipelago there is about 31 nautical mile left to reach home port, ACI marina Trogir. Voyage will take about four and half hours of navigation with a sailing boat, hence you have plenty of time to explore some new coves.

For example, the island of Žirje, where you can drop the anchor in one of many bays, such as Mikavica, Tratinska or Stupica Vela and Mala. As your berth is waiting for you in Trogir, you don’t have to hurry so use the whole last day on board to enjoy the sea. Just have in mind to return before one of two gas-station in Trogir closes.