Sailing Routes

Sailing Route #1: To Vis and back

Day 1: Trogir, ACI marina, 0 NM

On the first day of your cruise stay moored in Trogir and discover this beautiful town. Its ancient, wonderfully preserved stone-built medieval centre situated on a small island is protected as a UNESCO World heritage sites. It is only short walk away from marina across the narrow canal dividing Čiovo island and Trogir town.

Trogir is in fact the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic town in Central Europe with 2300 years of continuous urban tradition. Hence, among its narrow cobbled streets you will find a lot of interesting cultural and historical monuments and other buildings such as castles, towers, dwellings and palaces from different periods, as well as art galleries, different shops, lovely bars and fine restaurants.

Day 2: Trogir – Maslinica, Šolta island ,10 NM

Not far from Trogir you will encounter a beautiful archipelago with large number of islets, bays and villages, while the beauty of nature and crystal clear sea will amaze you. There are many lovely coves along the way suitable for few hours of enjoyment at anchor, but you can’t miss if you choose fantastic bay of Krknjaši on Drvenik Veli island.

Just a few more miles of sailing and you will reach your destination, picturesque village of Maslinica, located on the western part of Šolta island. Safe berth in a small but modern marina is recommended to book in advance, but in return you will enjoy truly exclusive atmosphere of boutique hotel Martinis Marchi.

Hotel building has a shape of beautifully restored old castle that dominates the panorama of this lovely Mediterranean fishing village, with its several taverns and bars perfect for stress-free holiday. If you prefer to spend the night at the anchor, you can sail to the nearby deeply recessed Šešula bay where you will also find buoys and nice restaurant.

Day 3: Maslinica – Komiža, Vis island, 24 NM

In the morning try to set sail earlier, because to reach next destination, Komiža town on the magical island of Vis, you need at least four hours of sailing on the open sea. Famous Komiža is located in a spacious but quite exposed bay, located on the western coast of the island. If you arrive by noon or so you will probably find free berth at the waterfront, but there is also a number of buoys in the bay.

Famous for its centuries-old fishing tradition, Komiža was one of the greatest fishing-centres in the Mediterranean for many centuries and during that period it raised strong urban identity. To discover town’s rich and interesting fishing past, visit dedicated museum in the old tower overlooking busy harbour, where you can also see traditional wooden boat, unique fishing vessel Falkuša.

Entire daily-life of the town takes place in the harbour as well, which makes bustling but pleasurable mood. There are several really great restaurants famous for preparing fresh high-quality fish and lobsters as a local speciality, while very strong red wine Plavac should not be missed too. Before the dinner do not miss a 20-minute walk uphill to the St. Nicholas Monastery to enjoy a fantastic view.

Day 4: Komiža –Porat bay, Biševo island, 8 NM

A whole fourth day is dedicated to the nearby Biševo island and it’s world-famous, astonishing Blue cave (Modra špilja). To visit the cave, you must follow a strict procedure: take a buoy in Mezoporat bay, buy a ticket on the pier and wait in the line to embark small boats of the local company that are allowed to enter the cave in a neighbouring Balun bay. The most most beautiful play of the sunlight and seawater in the cave is from 11 to noon, so have that in mind.

Afterwards, continue for a few miles in the anticlockwise direction around the island to reach beautiful Porat bay at the western coast of Biševo where several buoys should be available for safe overnight stay. You may also drop the anchor in a crystal clear sea, but if the bay is overcrowded set out to the neighbouring, a bit smaller Salbunara cove.

In Porat there is an attractive sandy beach, two or three restaurants and a few houses. After refreshment in the sea take a half-hour walk uphill to the almost abandoned village in the inland of Biševo. It might easily happen you don’t even meet a single person while discovering natural beauties and magnificent view from the village.

Day 5: Biševo – Vis harbour, Vis Island, 20 NM

The route continues around southern part of Biševo, passing thrilling cliffs and sailing under the steep southern coast of Vis island. You can make a pause by stopping in one of many attractive coves, among which the bay Stiniva stands out. However, it is often overcrowded and depth does not allow anchoring, so choose Rukavac bay between islet Ravnik and south-eastern coast of Vis.

There you can swim in a beautiful lagoon before leaving for Vis harbour. Another pretty bay to recommend is Stončica, where you can find buoys, sandy beach and nice tavern. When sailing along eastern coast of Vis island be very careful because numerous reefs and underwater rocks threaten boaters.

Vis town with its spacious bay (called also Vis harbour) awaits boats and yachts with countless berths and buoys sparsed around the bay and at two waterfronts, but they quickly get occupied during early afternoon hours. Vis represents another vivacious old urban centre on the Croatian offshore islands, founded on the remains of ancient Greek settlement of Issa, whose remains can still be seen. To enjoy it to the full, take a long walk around this splendid bay and choose one of many wonderful restaurants or bars.

Day 6: Vis harbour – Bobovišća bay, Brač island, 22 NM

On the sixth day route takes you to another peaceful and natural place, stunning Bobovišća bay on the western part of Brač island. There are several berths at the small waterfront in the village, but more convenient is to catch one of many buoys in the bay to have greater privacy and even better experience.

Bobovišća is truly magnificent and quiet bay deeply recessed in Brač island, well protected from all the winds and waves. Walk or swim around this miraculous bay, one of the rare in the Adriatic where houses are nicely integrated with natural beauty and rich greenery. There is a small market and three restaurants in the village.

If you prefer small island town and berth in marina for the night, nearby Milna bay and town offers good protection in three marinas but less beautiful landscape as well. If you prefer to spend quiet night choose first marina on the left side while entering harbour, and if you would like to be part of the bustling atmosphere of the typical Mediterranean small town, choose other two.

Day 7: Bobovišća bay – Trogir, ACI marina, 17 NM

The last day of this cruising route only 17 nautical miles are left to the home-port, ACI marina Trogir. It will take about three hours of sailing with favorable wind or powered by engine, so you could still explore northern coast of Šolta island and find another nice bay for swimming.

There is no need to hurry since berth awaits you, so use the whole day to enjoy on the sea. Find a nice cove to drop the anchor and take refreshment in the sea, or visit villages like StomorskaNečujam or Rogač (where you could also refill fuel). When you sail into the home-port and safely tie the lines, definitely visit Trogir historical centre and its bustling streets again.