ACI Marina Trogir

ACI marina Trogir lies on the northern side of Čiovo Island. Between Trogir bridge and Cape Čubrijan, facing the town of Trogir. It has 162 berths and 35 boat places on land. All berths have water and power supply. Regarding facilities, there is a reception, exchange office, restaurant, toilets and showers, launderette, grocery store, repair shop, 10 t crane, parking lot, ACI charter base. The gas station is at the western end of the marina.

How to reach us?

Split international airport, only 6 km from Trogir, links this area with entire Europe. Frequent ferry lines connect Split (25 km) with Rijeka and Dubrovnik, as well as with Ancona, Pescara and Bari in Italy.

Beautiful old town of Trogir is situated on the island between the mainland and Čiovo Island. In the channel north of the town the sea is only 2 m deep, and going further it becomes even shallower (1 m). Over this channel the town is connected with the mainland by a solid bridge, while with Čiovo Island, where the ACI marina is situated, it is connected by a bascule-bridge (2.40 m high) which does not open anymore. For boats that cannot pass under the bascule- bridge approach to the port is possible from the west, between Čiovo Island and Čelice reef. A good landmark is the green lighthouse on Cape Čubrijan (43°30,7’ N 16°14,6’ E). For those approaching from the east, the way is marked with red and green marks.

ACI Marina Dubrovnik

ACI marina Dubrovnik “Miho Pracat” is one of the most beautiful marinas on the Adriatic coast. Situated 6 km from the centre of Dubrovnik, on the source of Ombla River in a deeply intended bay where sea and fresh water mingle, it offers pleasant temperature during hot summers. As part of the marina is a beautiful old mansion Sorkočević which is half in service of marina, and half is converted into an attractive small hotel. Dubrovnik marina is open all year round and contains a gas station, supermarket, restaurant, coffee bar, nautical gear shop, tennis courts, pool, laundry facilities and port authority. It has 425 berths and 140 boat places on land. All berths have water and electricity supply.

How to reach us?
Dubrovnik is, from Gruž harbor, with ferry lines connected with all major Croatian ports and ports in Italy – Ancona, Pescara and Bari. Airport (Ćilipi), 15 km from the marina, connects Dubrovnik with the world, and bus lines with all major Croatian and European cities. Regular bus services connect marina and the old town of Dubrovnik every 15 minutes from early morning to late at night.

Dubrovnik, small city and once a country has always been a cultural metropolis. As part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List, special charm gives its historic monuments with rich and long history. The works of artists, writers and scientists in Dubrovnik are woven into the texture of the city, whose reputation and tourist attraction are based on the culture. Many churches and other religious buildings, city walls, fortresses and museums in Dubrovnik enchant every visitor of this ancient city. Among the many cultural events, including exhibitions, concerts and performances, special attention should be given to the famous Dubrovnik Summer Festival with its musical and theatrical performances that take place outdoors.

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