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Croatia sailing destinations: Žut

Žut is a medium-sized island in northern Dalmatia region located between Pašman and Kornat islands, stretched for 6.5 nautical miles in length. It is the second largest island in the fascinating Kornati archipelago, but unlike the largest Kornat, Žut is not comprised in the Kornati National Park, fact which doesn’t make it much less attractive.

On the contrary, this fact makes it even more accessible because boaters do not have to pay entry for the visit and can experience pretty much the same harsh but magical landscape of renowned Kornati archipelago. Žut is as well almost uninhabited during the winter period, while in the summer season it is much livelier on the island and its bays where typical Mediterranean underbrush can be found together with some olive trees, vine and fig trees.

When approaching Žut one has to be very careful and observant because it is surrounded by dozens of islets, reefs and rocks which endanger boats and leisure cruising. But once he reaches its indented coast with numerous beautiful sites and intact natural environment, true relaxation can begin. Whether it is about swimming in the magnificent sea, hiking to the top of the island for the breathtaking view of the surrounding archipelago, or just fine dining in one of the several domestic taverns.

There are two larger bays, Luka Žut and Hiljača, and numerous minor coves such as Pinizel, Bodovac or Bizikovica, where safe anchorage in all weather conditions can be found. Furthermore, in vast Luka Žut bay there is even small but nice ACI marina Žut with about 100 berths and some of the elementary amenities. Some of the restaurants also provide their own piers with moorings or at least buoys, hence overnight stay will be even more convenient.