Croatia Sailing Destinations

Croatia sailing destinations: Vodice

Vodice is a little town but quite large and popular tourist destination, close to Šibenik city. It offers numerous nice pebble and sandy beaches, but also dozens of restaurants and bars, shops and clubs, thus making it pretty live, especially in the evenings, with bustling streets and crowded waterfront.

The same waterfront also offers safe berths for the boaters during the night, but there is an ACI marina in the town as well, offering more calm atmosphere and all the necessary amenities. For those searching even more tranquillity, small but beautiful island of Prvić is less than one nautical mile away, while another modern marina is just 1.5 miles to the west in lovely Tribunj village.

In Vodice there are still visible remains of antique defence walls from the times of the Turkish invasions, with the well preserved Čorić tower, several old churches and catchy stone houses which testify the turbulent history of this area. Its name in Croatian means waters, referring to water sources in the town which were of strategic importance in the past.

Vodice represent a perfect starting point for a cruise to the nearby Šibenik archipelago consisting of hundreds of islands and islets, but also to the astonishing Krka National Park. To reach the park with the boat, one must enter the exciting canyon of Krka river right where impressive St. Nicolas fortress from 16th century stands, which is only four nautical miles to the east from Vodice.

Another ten nautical miles of relaxed navigation will take the curious sailors to the picturesque town of Skradin, entrance to the National Park, which thrills not only with abundant wildlife, but also with one stunning phenomenon – seven travertine waterfalls formed over the centuries by sheen Krka river. In its crystal clear and refreshing water even swimming is allowed, which is not to be missed.