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Croatia sailing destinations: Slano

Slano is a picturesque village in southern Dalmatia, located on the shores of a vast bay of the same name, Luka Slano. It is just 10 miles away from Dubrovnik town in the north-west direction and separated by Koločep channel from Šipan and Jakljan islands, part of miraculous Elafiti archipelago. These two islands are also a natural barrier that protects the bay from the open sea.

This beautiful and still largely intact bay, one nautical mile recessed in the mainland, was inhabited since ancient times as evidenced by numerous ruins and remains in the village and its surroundings. Today it is a quiet tourist place immersed in rich nature and clear blue sea. There are also two hotels and a dozen of restaurants where visitors can taste fine local cuisine including amazing seafood and many other high quality ingredients produced in the area.

Luka Slano is admired by many sailors as well since the bay represents secure harbour in all weather conditions for their boats and yachts, but also because there are countless charming coves and several lovely islands nearby to explore. In the bay they have few possibilities to choose: either to drop the anchor around the bay, to berth at the waterfront in the village, or to take a mooring in the modern, medium-sized ACI marina Slano, built in 2016. and equipped with all the amenities.