Croatia Sailing Destinations

Croatia sailing destinations: Skradin, Zlarin, Žirje

One of the most popular cruising area in the Adriatic is certainly alluring Šibenik archipelago, part of northern Dalmatia region close to town of Šibenik. Its magical attraction stems from amazing blend of wonderful nature, long-standing tradition as well as abundant historical and cultural heritage. Sailors particularly admire hundreds of islands and islets scattered around, with as many secluded coves, beautiful beaches and picturesque villages, and where easygoing Mediterranean lifestyle determines the atmosphere. Some of the most interesting spots in Šibenik archipelago are town of Skradin and islands of Zlarin and Žirje.

Skradin and its surroundings appear like a landscape from the fairy tale. It is a place where river and sea merge, cultivated and serene, where nature provides a great abundance to its inhabitants. To reach it from the open sea, one must navigate the exciting canyon of Krka river, which after Skradin formed stunning travertine waterfalls, phenomenon protected today as a Krka National Park.

Boats in this small but vivid town moor on the waterfront or in ACI marina Skradin, while it is not surprise to see world famous celebrities disembarking from superyachts anchored thereout. Their crews together with many other visitors quickly disperse around narrow paved streets filled with charming stores and excellent restaurants.

Zlarin is lesser, quite green island close to the mainland with only one lovely village of the same name on its north-western coast. It is favoured among boaters because of safe berths provided on a long stone pier built by the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, but also for its pleasant and tranquil ambience. Zlarin is known for its long tradition of coral harvesting and processing in jewellery.

The farthest and the largest island of Šibenik archipelago is Žirje, but also the least populated. Nevertheless, sailors often visit the island because of many quiet bays and coves, among which the prettiest are Tratinska, Stupica Vela and Stupica Mala on the southern coast. They also provide safe anchorage for the night, while the only harbour on the island is located in Muna bay.