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Croatia sailing destinations: Primošten

Positioned roughly in the middle of Croatian Adriatic coast, Primošten is a small, typical Mediterranean town and one of the favourite vacation destination. Its old part is located on a little but far into the sea protruding peninsula, thus creating a beautiful scenery recognizable from travel posters or postcards. Its position, along with two nearby marinas, makes it a convenient starting point for a cruise in the northern and central part of Dalmatia, with well-indented coastline and Šibenik archipelago just within the reach of sight. It means in vicinity there is a great deal of bays, coves and islets with marvellous pebble or sandy beaches and turquoise sea, well worth a visit.

Such are deeply recessed Grebaštica bay and Mirine cove north of the town, or coves of BorovicaSićenica and Stari Trogir to the south, to mention only few most popular. Many of them are well-protected and represent safe anchorages as well, suitable not only to enjoy swimming and sunbathing, but also to spend a night in absolute tranquillity and to experience something different.

For those who prefer vibrancy, moorings on crowded waterfront in the old town of Primošten is more desirable solution, together with numerous bars, restaurants and shops. But there is also a serene place just up on the hill, where parish church of St. George from 1485. is located. During the day this place offers wonderful panoramic views over the surrounding archipelago.

Primošten is famous for its large, unique vineyards carved in stone and built on a terraces separated by kilometres of drystone walls, and as such represent ode to the hard labour and perseverance of local inhabitants. Grapes grown there is of Babić variety giving strong, dense red wine. Another precious delicacy to try is extra-virgin olive oil from plantations in the hinterland.