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Croatia sailing destinations: Polače

Village of Polače is one of the largest and the oldest settlements on the island of Mljet, located on its north-western part. It is also situated in the largest and one of the most beautiful bays on the island, Luka Polače. The bay is deeply recessed in the island and protected by a peninsula and several islets thus making it safe natural harbour and anchorage from all winds, as well as wonderful swimming site. Polače is named after the palace, because Croatian word for the palace is palača. But more interesting fact is that impressive remains of ancient Roman palace still today dominate the bay. It is the second largest Roman palace of its kind in Croatia, dating to 3rd century. Other monuments include Roman villa rustica with antique thermal spa and mosaic as well as the remains of an early Christian basilica.

Another curiosity reveals that the entire bay with village and surrounding archipelago is part of the astonishing Mljet National Park. It was founded in 1960. as a first protected area in the Mediterranean and covers about one-third of the island, known for its intact environment and plentiful forests. From Polače it is not far to the most interesting part of the park, geological phenomenon in the form of two enchanting salt lakes. They are coupled together but also by a short and tight channel linked with the sea, while on the larger lake there is even an islet with the fairy Benedictine monastery from 12th century.

Because of all the mentioned reasons, along with a dozen of nice restaurants in the village, Polače is a favoured destination for boaters which during the high season visit the bay in large numbers. Most of their yachts and boats are anchored around, especially in the westernmost part, Rogač cove. There are some buoys too, as well as quite a few moorings on the lengthy waterfront which mostly belong to the restaurants.