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Croatia sailing destinations: Pelješac

Pelješac – Long and narrow shape of Pelješac peninsula protrudes almost 40 nautical miles into the Adriatic sea, making it almost an island and certainly second largest peninsula in Croatia. Its mountainous relief leaves mighty impression and inspires with awe, in particular the highest peak of St. Ilija which rises to almost 1000 meters above the sea level.

Furthermore, since it’s sparsely populated, Pelješac offers unspoiled natural beauty and numerous attractive spots such as enchanting coves and beaches, but also many picturesque harbours and charming villages. One of the most fascinating towns is Ston with its medieval centre and 5.5 kilometres long stone walls built in 14th century, as well as ancient saltworks which are still in operation and endless shellfish farms that just announce the hedonistic experience.

Rich maritime heritage is waiting to be discovered in Orebić, largest town on the peninsula, where beautiful captains’ houses evoke some more glorious times of recent history when their large fleet of sailing ships roamed the Globe. It is located on the southern shores, just like most of the settlements on the peninsula, to mention only few most important: Viganj, known as a windsurfer’s paradise, or Trstenik, famous for its numerous wineries which produce some of the finest red wines.

But this is only a short introduction to what Pelješac might offer; there is surely much more to discover for a modern explorer.