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Croatia sailing destinations: Palmižana

Palmižana (also named the Vinogradišće inlet) is the well known beach, excursion location of Hvar and the nautical marina situated on the island of Sv Klement (or St Clement). And Sv. Klement is the largest one among the 20 islets and cliffs in the small Pakleni islands archipelago, that face the town of Hvar on the island of Hvar.

Palmizana beach is a sandy beach with the gravelly bottom situated is a safe bay, surrounded by the pine forest. It is only 2,5 nm (or only 20 minutes driving by taxi boat) far from the town of Hvar. A part of Palmižana beach is designated to the naturists, that have discovered the beauty of Pakleni islands long time ago. It’s a very peaceful place because on the island of Sv Klement there are no cars.

The tourism in Palmizana was initiated by the Meneghello family at the beginning of the 20th century, when prof. Eugen Meneghello built a mansion on the 300 years old property of the Meneghello family. In years this family was bringing exotic plants and the result was a unique botanical garden. A real small ecological paradise where a visitor can experience the harmony with the nature and feel the scents of the Mediterranean plants like rosemarin, basil and lavender, but also of some exotic plants. In 1999. Palmizana was one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the Adriatic, and also its famous cuisine was awarded as one of the best Mediterranean cuisines.

So, when one comes to Palmižana, it is a must to visit one of the attractive restaurants and try the Palmižana’s cuisine based on the domestic seafood (fish, crabs and mussels) combined with the fresh vegetables. There are also shops and bars. Palmižana offers also many holiday activities: swimming, walking in the nature, kayaking, diving, surfing, etc., and if one wants to experience nightlife of Hvar, he just needs to take a taxi boat to the glittering town of Hvar.

For the sailors the most important point in Palmizana is ACI marina, situated on the north-east coast of the island of Sv Klement, only 2,4 nm far from the island of Hvar.

ACI marina Palmižana is one of the nicest marinas in the Adriatic. It is a seasonal marina open from April till the end of October. This marina offers 180 sea berths and many other facilities like: reception with exchange office, sanitary facilities, WLAN Internet, restaurant, caffe bar, massage parlor, grocery store, children playground and bowling playground. The closest gas station is placed in Križna luka on the island of Hvar, 2,5 nm far from the marina Palmižana.