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Croatia sailing destinations: Pakleni Islands

The Pakleni islands in Croatian literally means Hell’s islands, but the reality is completely the opposite since majority of visitors of this magnificent archipelago would rather call them Eden islands. It is certainly not without reason because their beauty makes them one of the most attractive part of the eastern Adriatic coast.

To clarify the name, “Pakleni” is derived from local Croatian word for tar, type of pine resin used in the past for boat building, which was collected in dense pine forests that covered the islands. Today, their flora is still opulent but prevails maquis and aromatic Mediterranean herbs while the real surprise is beautiful botanical garden of Meneghello family.

The archipelago consists of one larger, main island, St. Klement, together with twenty islets and rocks with no permanent settlements, inhabitants or traffic. It extends along the south-western coast of Hvar island over a length of about 6 nautical miles, and is also very close to a world-famous vacation destination of Hvar town where it is not uncommon to encounter the rich and world-famous usually cruising on a mega yacht.

Mentioned facts, along with quite indented coastline that offers numerous peaceful bays and crystal-clear sea, attracts lots of yachtsmen to enjoy the unspoiled nature. In Palmižana bay there is also modern and particularly popular ACI marina Palmižana, but in high season it is often crowded with boats so sailor who seeks tranquillity should avoid it.

Instead he can choose to drop the anchor in nearby enchanting Ždrilca strait, between islets of Marinkovac, Planikovac and Borovac, or in one of many safe anchorages located in equally appealing coves such as Vinogradišće, Stari Stani, Taršće, Luka Soline, Vlaka, Duboka or Stipanska. In some of them there are also excellent restaurants with delightful seafood which should not be missed.