Croatia Sailing Destinations

Croatia sailing destinations: Milna

Milna is the biggest settlement on the western coast of the island of Brač and the most beautiful port on this island. It is only 18 km far from Supetar, the biggest town on the island of Brač. Supetar is connected to Split by a ferry boat (distance is cca. 17 km), and Milna is connected to Split by a catamaran.

Milna is placed in the deep bay that faces Split Channel and the small island of Mrduja, famous for the Mrduja Regatta, one of the oldest European regattas.

For the sailors, very important is the fact that Milna is the best natural port on the island of Brač, that was recognized long time ago. Even the ships of the king Diocletian were finding safe port in the Milna bay.

The bay of Milna is branched into two sleeves, Žalo and Pantera.

Settlement of Milna is one of the most harmonius “small places” on the on Dalmatian coast built in the baroque style.

It was founded in the 16th century around the fortification of the family Cerinić that has built also the church of st. Mary. Milna is the hometown of many wealthy shipowners and captains from the 18. and 19. century, whose beautiful houses are the adornment and heritage of Milna. In the 19.century Milna was famous for its shipyards that have constructed even 16 sailing ships. One of these wooden sailing ships designed and contructed in Milna was “bracera”, a classical dalmatinian sailing boat.

Today, Milna is in the first place a tourist resort with more few hotels, post office, ambulance and many indented bays (Pasikova, Lučice, Maslinova, Osibova…) only 20 minutes walking distance from the center of Milna.

In the two sheltered sleeves of the Milna bay (Žalo and Pantera) there are even two marinas (ACI marina Milna and Marina Vlaška) with many moorings and service zones that are very well equipped for the safe stay of the sailors from all around the world.

Besides in tourism, inhabitants of Milna (cca.1000 inhabitants) work also in the fish processing plant, and other major activities are olive cultivation and fishing.

Cristal clean sea, domestic food, ideal conditions for diving, sailing and fishing, far from the noise and stress of the everday life are the best invitation to this beautiful Mediterranean spot.