Croatia Sailing Destinations

Croatia sailing destinations: Lastovo

One of the farthest inhabited islands in Croatian Adriatic is Lastovo, also part of the southern Dalmatia region. It is quite hilly and covers the area of around 46 km2, which means that it belongs to medium-sized Croatian islands. But its archipelago consists of 45 surrounding islets and rocks which together with Lastovo are protected as a nature park since 2006. Hence, the archipelago abounds with natural beauty, especially with opulent flora and fauna both below and above the sea surface, but with many other attractions as well. It also means boats and yachts pay entrance tickets for stay in the archipelago, but in return they get extraordinary experience. Peacefulness of the island, many safe anchorages located in protected and enchanting bays, as well as picturesque villages make Lastovo very attractive boating destination.

Most popular spots for sailors are Velji and Mali Lago bays on the western part of the island, Zaklopatica bay on the northern and Skrivena Luka bay on the southern coast. All of the mentioned represent safe anchorages, while in Zaklopatica bay and Pasadur village in Velji Lago there are also berths at the waterfront. In Velji Lago bay, in its southern corner called Ubli, there is even gas-station for the boats. Another amazing part of the archipelago are Lastovnjaci islets, north-east of Lastovo, where few stupendous lagoons with azure sea should not be omitted as a swimming spots during the day. From Zaklopatica 30-minute walk uphill takes one to the historic town of Lastovo, located inland and spread over the steep slopes in the form of natural amphitheatre. Town’s interesting layout, together with ancient stone houses, narrow cobbled streets and traditional chimneys of unique shapes called fumari, create thrilling and authentic atmosphere of typical Mediterranean townlet. There is also unusual number of old churches and chapels scattered all over the island.

On Lastovo there are several wonderful restaurants with their own berths for boats, and most famous are located in Zaklopatica and Skrivena Luka bays. They provide free moorings for the overnight stay, and in return it is expected to have a meal there. But various and fresh seafood, as well as domestic products such as olive oil and wine, which they offer and serve to their guests, is more than worth a visit. The most interesting and peculiar event on the island is carnival called Poklad, based on the historical event when the islanders defeated pirates. It is held in February and includes three-day celebration in which participates majority of the inhabitants who wear folk dresses and perform traditional practices such as dances and mock of the pirate-like figure.