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Catamaran charter Croatia

Croatia is rapidly becoming the one of the most gorgeous destinations for boat rentals, not just in Europe, but in the whole world! The extraordinary sailing conditions have fascinated sailors and holidaymakers from across the globe, to come and experience the miracles of the Dalmatian coastline. The clear blue waters of the Adriatic Sea with more than 1000 islands to explore – there is honestly something to suit every sailor’s preference!

Catamaran charter is very popular among sailors because catamarans offer great balance between sailing performance, space and comfort. For those seeking the beauty of sailing, without giving up on comfort, stability, space and speed, then chartering a catamaran can be the best choice. A catamaran is a multi-hulled boat, which means that it unites two or more hulls (also known as pontoons). Sailing on a catamaran can go a long way to reducing stress, especially for families with small children, first-time sailors or the elderly. If you prefer comfort and more space, multi-hulls are your ideal type of yachts for your sailing vacation. Catamarans are getting their popularity out of the fact that most of them are designed for getting ultimate pleasure from your sailing vacation.

Catamarans provide an unbelievable degree of stability

There are many bonuses of chartering a catamaran, first of which is its flexibility, meaning that it’s ideal for all sorts of gatherings (family holidays, parties, team-buildings etc). Sailing with family and friends is the perfect way to build strong bonds and build remarkable and amazing memories.

Catamarans provide an unbelievable degree of stability thanks to the two-hull design, which helps in decreasing seasickness. Unlike sailboat, a catamaran will sit flat when sailing and will not lean into the wind so guests can enjoy and even prepare their food and drinks while sailing.

Without the heavy lead keel, catamarans are much lighter than their one-hulled relatives and can reach high speed. In most of the sailing conditions they are faster than monohulls (unless they are loaded quite heavily), because of their needle-like shaped hulls which are less submerged in the sea and have a smaller area in the water to create drag. Catamarans have a struggle going upwind, so in this case they need to use motor power earlier than sailing yachts while tacking against the wind.

Catamarans have an eye-catching exterior but are very remarkable on the inside as well. They offer more space on deck and inside and are therefore ideal for larger groups. As for the exterior they have a flybridge with a helm station, which offers beautiful view. Spacious nice shaded areas are perfect for enjoying the ride or in delicious meal or drink. The interior is also very comfortable and sophisticated. An open-floor plan offers a well-equipped L-shaped galley nicely connected to a dining area. The salon on a catamaran is usually located at the same level as the cockpit. It is more spacious than on a sailboat and it offers very bright view. Large net areas on the bow are providing you with exceptional feeling while lying on them during your sailing trip in Croatia or when soaking up the sun while anchored in some hidden bay. Below deck, cabins are generally more comfortable than on a monohull. Usually, a catamaran has four same sized cabins, each with private bathroom. Because cabins are situated in two separate hulls, this leads to more privacy than on a sailboat. One or two separated skipper cabins could be found on almost every catamaran. On the larger catamarans, those cabins have full accessories leading to complete separation of guests and a crew.

Catamarans also provide an easy access to the water, which is great for performing all kinds of water sports. For sure you will have a lot of fun while at sea!

One of the most important things is that you don’t have to be a professional sailor in order to maneuver the catamaran. Catamarans have great maneuverability since most of them have twin engines and because of that they are easier to dock. Two engines can also be important in case of emergency when one of the engines fails, but they are also great for maneuvering in tight spaces (catamaran can turn 360° on the spot). Catamarans have smaller drafts and can sail in shallow bays or closer to the beach, which leads to more privacy of the guests.

Catamaran charter Croatia – bareboat or with crew

Charter a crewed catamaran in Croatia or go bareboat, let us assistance you and you will not regret it. We can help you in choosing from our collection of excellent catamarans and in the process of planning your stunning sailing vacation in Croatia.

Spending your holiday on a catamaran that you can navigate by yourself can be a lot of fun and it unquestionably gives you a lot of privacy. You can sail whenever and wherever you like without having to deal with strangers on board, but what you might not know that having a professional crew can ease your life to the maximum degree. If you would like to experience your best sailing vacation, choose a luxury crewed catamaran that offers you luxury, comfort and privacy. A crewed catamaran charter offers you the chance to escape to the sea without having to worry about navigating, planning, cleaning or cooking. The dedicated crew will delightedly do all the work for you and take you to the best sailing destinations in Croatia.

In the end catamarans are more expensive to rent and to moor/dock, but you will receive a lot of more space and comfort for your money. They provide an astonishing sailing sensation. Clients who select this option are rewarded in comfort, luxury and space onboard. Take a well-deserved break, meet new people and spend the most relaxing sailing holiday ever on board on one of our catamarans.