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Route: Trogir - Dubrovnik & Dubrovnik - Trogir

One way routes Trogir-Dubrovnik & Dubrovnik-Trogir are certainly the best way to visit the nicest places along the southern Adriatic in only one sailing week. You will start your sailing trip in one adriatic pearl, and finish it in another. On the way between them, you will see wonderful mediterranean islands, peninsulas and bays.

Both Trogir and Dubrovnik are historical towns worth visiting because of their stone beauty and abundance of historical stories. The old town of Trogir was founded by ancient Greeks and it is located on a small island between the mainland and the island of Čiovo, only 10 minutes far from the ACI marina Trogir where our boats are located.

Waypoint – Yacht Charter Croatia

Waypoint – Yacht Charter Croatia is the charter company established in 1994. In the picturesque small old town Rovinj, in North Adriatic, just 50 km from Italy. We began with small base which gathered six boats. As the time went by, following wishes of our loyal clients and market demands, we decided to expand on Middle Adriatic. Trogir – small ancient town, also called “Little Venice”, under protection of UNESCO, was perfect place to settle new base. Doing our best to give high-quality service, we decided to provide our client insight also in beauties of Southern part of Adriatic. That is why base in Dubrovnik was covered. Our fleets in Trogir and Dubrovnik were enlarged from year to year: in 2015. they counted 31 boat in Trogir and 12 boats in Dubrovnik. As our main goal is to provide our clients quality and good service, every year we are investing in maintenance of our boats and providing new services that correspond to our clients’ needs. Also, in order to maintain our fleet young, modern and attractive, every year we are getting several brand new boats in our fleet.

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A. Mihanovića 37, 21000 Split, Croatia

Booking agents:
Vesna Krstić & Tea Vuletić

Gsm: +385 (0) 98 368 334
Tel: +385 (0) 99 497 9449



ACI TROGIR – Reggae Point (Lagoon 450 Fly) – Euphoria II (Lagoon 42) – Tabasco (Lagoon 420) – Blue Point (Nautitech Open 40) – Space (Fountain Pajot Lucia 40) – Summer Smile (Bavaria Cruiser 51) – Game Point (Bavaria Cruiser 51 ) – Rock Point (Sun Odyssey 509) – Danica (Bavaria 50 Cruiser) – Tequila (Bavaria Cruiser 46) – ’njoy (Bavaria Cruiser 46 Ow.) – Lovro (Bavaria Cruiser 46) – Set Point (Bavaria Cruiser 46 ) – Queen Mary (Bavaria Cruiser 46) – Cosma (Bavaria 46 Cruiser) – Matul (Dufour 412) – Dolce Vita (Bavaria Cruiser 41) – Ružica (Bavaria Cruiser 41) – Ventura (Oceanis 40) – Pleasure (Oceanis 38.1) – Olynthia (Salona 38) – Nancy (Bavaria Cruiser 37) – Happy Point (Bavaria Cruiser 37) – Mondo (Bavaria Cruiser 37) – Take Five (Bavaria Cruiser 34)

MARINA BAOTIĆ – Great Salsa (Lagoon 52 Fly) – Summer Star (Lagoon 50 Fly) – Pantarhei (Privilege 465) – Belo (Lagoon 450 Fly) – Fantasy (Bavaria Cruiser 51)

ACI DUBROVNIK – Deux Point (Lagoon 450 Fly) – Summertime (Lagoon 400 S2) – Pinta (Cyclades 50.5) – Helena 1 (Bavaria 50) – Easy Point (Bavaria Cruiser 46) – Nerej (Hanse 445) – Blues Point (Bavaria Cruiser 45) – Takeo (Bavaria Cruiser 45 Ow.) – Match Point (Bavaria 42 Match) – Beata (Cyclades 39) – Obsession (Oceanis 38.1) – Relax Point (Elan 384 Impress.) – Mare (Bavaria 37 Cruiser) – Neptun (Hanse 355) – Valdo (Bavaria Cruiser 34)

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