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All our boats are either ownership of Waypoint or in our own charter management. Technical efficiency, one-way option, cleanliness and 24/7 support are fundamental Waypoint values which secured its place among the best in the Adriatic. So if you are looking for Yacht Charter in Croatia, Waypoint is the best and most reliable choice.
Do you need help choosing a right boat for you? Feel free to contact us and we will give you suggestions about boats and sailing routes in Croatia.

Waypoint charter fleet: 38 sailing boats, 4 catamarans

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Croatia sailing destinations: Lastovo

Croatia sailing destinations: Lastovo

One of the farthest inhabited islands in Croatian Adriatic is Lastovo, also part of the southern Dalmatia region. It is quite hilly and covers the area of around 46 km2, which means that it belongs to medium-sized Croatian islands. But
Croatia sailing destinations: Slano

Croatia sailing destinations: Slano

Slano is a picturesque village in southern Dalmatia, located on the shores of a vast bay of the same name, Luka Slano. It is just 10 miles away from Dubrovnik town in the north-west direction and separated by Koločep channel
Croatia sailing destinations: Cavtat

Croatia sailing destinations: Cavtat

The southernmost town and port in Croatia is Cavtat, small Dalmatian holiday town located only 5.5 nautical miles south-east of a lot more famous bustling city of Dubrovnik. Besides offering much calmer and more relaxing atmosphere, Cavtat is also much
Don’t miss a special deal for Sun Odyssey 50DS (2013)!

Don’t miss a special deal for Sun Odyssey 50DS (2013)!

We are giving you a chance to book  Sun Odyssey 50DS “Bonaca” (2013) with the great discounted prices. “Bonaca” offers 4 double bed cabins and 3 WC with showers plus an U-shaped dining area with great comfort below deck. More


J. Jarzembowski Poland, 2014
Perfectly organised sailing trip...

Dear Waypoint Team, We would like to thank you again for the perfectly organised sailing trip. Special thanks to our skipper. He’s one of the loveliest and care taking persons we’ve ever met, always responding to our wishes, needs and “ideas”.He made us feel as special guest and friends at the same time. He wassharing his experience in yacht navigation and handling with amazing patience and motivation during endless hours of training for us. Besides he guided us to the most scenic and beautiful places in the area. All of it exceeded our expectations by far. We are looking forward to a future trip with Waypoint.

Our Bases & Offices

Waypoint – Yacht Charter Croatia is the charter company established in 1994. In the picturesque small old town Rovinj, in North Adriatic, just 50 km from Italy. We began with small base which gathered six boats. As the time went by, following wishes of our loyal clients and market demands, we decided to expand on Middle Adriatic. Trogir – small ancient town, also called “Little Venice”, under protection of UNESCO, was perfect place to settle new base. Doing our best to give high-quality service, we decided to provide our client insight also in beauties of Southern part of Adriatic. That is why base in Dubrovnik was covered. Our fleets in Trogir and Dubrovnik were enlarged from year to year: in 2015. they counted 31 boat in Trogir and 12 boats in Dubrovnik. As our main goal is to provide our clients quality and good service, every year we are investing in maintenance of our boats and providing new services that correspond to our clients’ needs. Also, in order to maintain our fleet young, modern and attractive, every year we are getting several brand new boats in our fleet.


A.Mihanovića 37
21000 Split, Croatia


Booking director: Tamara Jadrić
E-mail: tamara@waypoint.hr
Gsm: +385 (0) 98 368 334


Put Cumbrijana BB
21220 Trogir, Croatia


Base manager: Milan Petranović
E-mail: milan@waypoint.hr
Gsm: +385 (0) 97 615 9723


Na Skali 4
20236 Mokošica, Croatia


Base manager: Alem Dević
E-mail: dubrovnik@waypoint.hr
Gsm: +385 (0) 91 603 2169


Put Cumbrijana BB
21220 Trogir, Croatia


Contact: Ante Padovan
E-mail: ante@waypoint.hr
Gsm: +385 (0) 91 513 1386